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Popular Online Singing Courses

Singing Success

Designed to be the “ultimate” vocal system, Singing Success is the flagship singing program for Brett Manning. The purpose of the program is to take singers of any skill level through a complete vocal training course, thereby replacing the need for countless lessons.

Singorama Package


If you’re a beginner or an intermediate-level singer looking for a cost-effective way to learn to sing like the pros then this course may be for you. Singorama has quickly become one of the most popular downloadable singing courses currently available on the internet. It is a complete singing course that will most assuredly improve the way you sing.

The Four Pillars Of Singing

The Four Pillars Of Singing

This singing program by Robert Lunte offers more educational content than any other contemporary vocal training system currently available in the industry today. It is changing the rules of how vocal training products are made! This is a uniquely comprehensive multi-media training experience for singers.

The Ultimate Vocal Workout

This course is definitely not for the faint hearted! This is the COMPLETE vocal training system as developed by glass shattering phenomenon Jaime Vendera. It is the same program used by rock stars such as James Labrie (Dream Theater), Clayton Stroope (Thriving Ivory), Kevin Rudolf and many more.