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Your Live Shows Will Never Be The Same Again!


All Roads Lead To The Stage 

by Tom Jackson (7-Disk DVD Set)

Format: Physical
What You Get: 7 DVDs
Price: $379.95 (Normally $489.65)
Suitable For: All Levels
Money Back Guarantee: N/A



Artists and bands that have “made it” know that All Roads Lead To The Stage. Whether you’ve done a thousand live gigs or you’re just starting out, this workshop will change everything!

With nearly 12 hours of teaching in 17 sessions that cover everything from authority onstage, to developing a vision for your show, to how you can make a living in the music biz, these DVDs are one of the best investments you can make as an artist.

Live Music Producer Tom Jackson is a master of creating musical stage moments. Learn the importance of understanding your audiences, see how you can create a fan for life, watch as Tom works hands-on with artists like yourself, and much, much more.