Any Of These In Your Voice-Care Toolkit?

March 27th, 2015 | Author:

I Love My VoiceWe often get asked about voice-care products for singers so we’ve short-listed Four Inexpensive Products that we think should be included in every singer’s voice-care toolkit!

Singers place a lot of extra demands on their voices and are often exposed to harsh conditions which can leave their throats and vocal cords in need of some extra special care.

Each of these products have been made from the highest quality natural ingredients and have been designed especially for singers and other professionals who need their voice in peak condition.

These are great products to include in Your Voice-Care Toolkit!

The other cool thing is that not only are they inexpensive but if you use coupon code JDL869 you can get up to $10.00 off your first order!

Definitely worth checking out if you’re serious about looking after your voice! Here’s the link where you can check them out.

Make every sound count!