Eva Cassidy – A True Songbird

February 10th, 2015 | Author:

Eva Cassidy was a singer that had the rare gift of being able to take ownership of any song she sang and put people into a trance with her performances. There was a purity and authenticity about her voice that was truly mesmerizing. Unfortunately she died way too young at the age of 33 in 1996 and it wasn’t till about 4 years after her death when a couple of her recordings were aired on a BBC Radio 2 that her gift began to get recognized around the world.

One of the first songs that was played on radio was her version of the classic “Over The Rainbow”. The response was so overwhelming that it led to her compilation album of covers titled “Songbird” climbing to the top of the UK Album Charts – almost three years after it’s release! What followed was the worldwide recognition of her amazing voice which still continues to grow today.

There are only a handful of live videos available of her performing… Here is one that was captured on a camcorder at the Blues Alley in Washington of her singing “Over The Rainbow”… Enjoy!