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Anybody can learn to sing and dramatically improve the power and quality of their voice and live performances when they have access to the best tools, help and guidance.

We’ve done our very best to make it as easy as possible for you to make an informed decision about which Singing Lessons, Vocal Improvement Products and Voice Training Programs might be right for you. We’ve researched, analyzed, reviewed and rated some of the most well known and best selling Singing Courses and Vocal Training Programs that are available on the internet today.

No matter where you are along your journey as a singer or performer there will always be something new that you can learn or improve on. And thanks to the internet and new technology you can now learn to sing and dramatically improve the quality of your singing voice and live performances from the comfort of your own home.

Below is our list of the Top Rated Online Singing Programs that are available today. This should be a good place to get you jump-started on your way to improved singing. Of course there’s so much more for you to explore here at Just For Singers

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Top Rated Online Singing Courses

1.Singing Success »

Brett Manning created a fool-proof system that literally “erases” the range limits for 99% of singers! He discovered and invented a series of simple, easy exercises that “trick” the voice into working as it was designed to – effortlessly, “shifting gears” as it moves over a wide range of notes.

Designed to be the “ultimate” vocal system, Singing Success is the flagship singing program for Brett Manning. It takes singers of any skill level through a complete vocal training course, thereby replacing the need for countless lessons.

After years of frustration, Brett Manning claims to have discovered the secret treasure map to the human voice which he shares in his Singing Success program.

Struggle with a limited rangeHaving to flip into “falsetto” all the time, when you reach “the end?”

Drift out of tune? Especially when singing in the upper registers?

Felt the strain (and pain) of singing higher notes? Given up? Or…

Been pushing TOO hard? And now you have injured your vocal cords, or you are in the process of self-injury?

Dissatisfied with your tone? As a result of all of these factors or your voice is simply worn out?

Whatever your limitations are…  Your life is about to change!

Need Proof? Check Out These Testimonials: Singing Success Customer Reviews


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2.Singorama »

Singorama Package

Singorama, now in its 2nd revision, was co-developed by Emily Mander and a team of music professionals. It has quickly become one of the most popular downloadable singing courses currently available on the internet.

Singorama is the easiest to follow system for learning to sing to a  professional standard. It is jam-packed with quality information, including a  core set of 28 interactive audio lessons, plus 2 books (full-color illustrated  step-by-step lessons, fully supported by audio files) AND our famous and fun learning  software, namely Perfect Your Pitch Pro and Singorama’s Mini Recording Studio.

Check Out These Testimonals: Singorama

*Do want to increase your vocal range by another octave?

*How would you like to hit each note with professional  precision?

*Or train your ear to perfect your aural pitch skills?

*Do  you want to sing for personal pleasure?

*Do you want to sing in a band? Or sing in church or choir? Or sing along with a musical instrument?

Whatever  your reasons are, we’ve designed our cutting-edge Singorama: How to Sing Like a Professional Learning Kit with YOU in  mind, so that you will get immensely satisfying results FAST!


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3.The Ultimate Vocal Workout »

This course is definitely not for the faint hearted! This is the COMPLETE vocal training system as developed by glass shattering phenomenon Jaime Vendera.

Jamie Vendera has left no stone unturned with this sensational collection of voice improvement resources. Any topic you could possibly imagine (and some you can’t) about the voice is covered in The Ultimate Vocal Workout Program. You would be hard-pressed to find so much detail and information about the voice in any other program!


This is the same program used by rock stars such as:

James Labrie (Dream Theater)
Clayton Stroope (Thriving Ivory)
Kevin Rudolf
And many more!

It contains all of Jamie Vendera’s material in one downloadable system.

The Ultimate Vocal Workout System contains five eBooks, two performance edge mind programming MP3s, two audio warmups, over six hours of instructional video (including accompanying audio exercises) and three hours of instructional audio to skyrocket your vocal potential to a whole new level.


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4.The Four Pillars Of Singing »

The Four Pillars Of Singing

Imagine being taught the same vocal secrets that were passed on to singers like Geoff Tate from Queensryche, Anne Wilson from Heart, Chris Cornell from Soundgarden and Layne Staley from Alice in Chains!

The good news is that the secrets behind these amazing voices plus much more are now available through Robert Lunte’s flagship program “The Four Pillars Of Singing”.

The Most Comprehensive & Innovative Vocal Training System Today!

The Four Pillars Of Singing” program by highly sought after vocal coach Robert Lunte offers more educational content than any other contemporary vocal training system currently available in the industry today. The Four Pillars of Singing breaks new ground and is changing the rules of how vocal training products are made. This is a uniquely comprehensive multi-media training experience for singers!

Learn The Vocal Secrets Behind Some Of The Greatest Singers Of Our Time!

Learn to Sing Rock with The Four Pillars of Singing by Robert Lunte











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5.Singing Is Easy »

Taken back by the high price tags of some singing courses? Do you just want to learn the basics of singing and a few singing tips and tricks without spending a fortune?

Enter Singing Is Easy, a series of vocal lessons by Yvonne DeBandi, a Florida State University School of Music graduate and professional singing coach.

Singing Is Easy! Basic Foundation Series is the official curriculum manual for the Sing Smart, Not Hard™ Vocal Training Method. Using the easy-to-follow organized system, you (or your students) learn everything needed to analyze the sound of the voice; how it works, how to analyze the sound and more importantly…HOW TO MAKE IMMEDIATE alterations for improvement…one easy step at a time.


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6.Sing And See »

First of all, let’s start by saying that Sing And See will not teach you how to sing. This is not a learn-to-sing program. But, it can help to dramatically improve your singing voice! Intrigued?

Sing And See is a singing training software that teachers and singers around the world are now using to improve the results they are getting during their vocal training sessions.

The Sing And See software enables the singing student and the teacher to see an accurate visual representation of their voice – pitch, loudness and timbre. It gives you real-time visual feedback, so you can instantly see what you’ve just sung by looking at your computer display. This gives you precise information on how your voice is working.

You can see some video examples of how this works here: Sing And See Singing Training Software

You will be amazed at how much quicker your improvement will be when you can actually see what you are doing with your voice!


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