Mastering Mix – Advanced Systematic Vocal Training Program »

The Mix is the most elusive part of the voice. It creates a smooth transition between the chest voice (bottom) and the head voice (top) which enables singers to reach their full potential. Ninety percent of singers experience some kind of break-flip or disconnect between these two qualities.

Without the mix, the extremes of pulled up “chest voice only” will kill a singer. The extremes of “head voice only” will bore an audience. Mastering Mix exclusively tackles the conundrum of building the middle, blended or “mixed” areas of the voice. With the mix, you have the power of chest voice and the freedom of head voice – The same commercial tones used by greats like Keith Urban, Hayley Williams of Paramore, Take 6, and many more are unveiled.

What is the difference between Mastering Mix and the flagship Singing Success Program?

Singing Success works on virtually every area of the voice including range extension, super crazy low-range, super crazy high-range, getting into your whistle and singing with ease. Mastering Mix focuses on the MIX only. It seeks to develop a system of understanding and mastering the most complex area of training the voice. It eliminates the frustration, normalizes the mix, removes the breaks, & removes all misunderstanding regarding the mix. Mastering Mix deepens the understanding of the colors, textures, and other facets of the mix and combines these aspects to create the most commercial sound. Most singers don’t know what their mix is. Mastering Mix seeks to answer the questions, remove the mystery and provide you the element of vocal mastery.