Mindset: Programing Your Mind For Success »

Do you need motivation? Do you have great ideas but don’t know how to “get the job done”? Are you suffering from writer’s block? Do you want to become successful and manifest great things into your life? Then you’ve found the right book…

Mindset: Programming Your Mind For Success isn’t just another one of those “manifest your dreams and desires” books. It is that and more. The Mindset Method is a simple daily system designed to reprogram your mind in order to achieve health, wealth, success and happiness; learn to manifest abundance into your life, become motivated to succeed, learn the secret to turning on the well of creativity within your own mind. Never again feel unmotivated. Never again feel like you have writer’s or creator’s block. Never again feel like you don’t have the tools to change your life, because in Mindset, author Jaime Vendera gives you these tools…

Are you ready for the tools to create a life of abundance, become successful and tap into a boundless source of creativity by applying the exact same method Jaime Vendera used to fulfill his dreams of becoming a “rock star” vocal coach? Then Mindset is for you!

Does this system work???

Mindset has allowed Jaime to author successful books, set a glass shattering world-record and appear on television shows around the world! So the answer is YES. Regardless of your goals, dreams and desires, Mindset teaches you how to program your mind (just like a computer) through a simple Mind/Body Process, a four minute meditation, and by answering five simple questions every day.

Are you ready to change your life and fulfill your dreams? Then use Mindset daily to reprogram your mind… just like a computer! (Book comes with free membership to the book website, which features free downloadable Mindset materials, such as a free Mindset diary, cheat sheet and bookmark and a Mindset message board to share your experiences with Mindset users.)


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