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Tom Jackson

Most singers and musicians will spend an incredible amount of time practicing and they’ll also spend a fortune on equipment to get everything sounding just right. Yet sadly, even after all that, many will still fail to make a real connection with their live audience. And it’s not through a lack of trying or wanting to.

In truth, many singers and musicians just don’t realize that performing live involves a whole separate set of skills which need to be learnt and developed just like any other skill. There are specific techniques that apply to the stage that can be learnt, and if mastered, will enable any performer to truly engage and captivate their audience every time!

The focus of this page is to direct you toward resources that will help you master the stage so you can raise the roof with your live performances!

Featured below are products by Tom Jackson who is recognized as the number one live music producer in the world today. If you’re serious about improving your stage craft then we highly recommend his products. He has worked with nearly every genre from Rock to Pop to Christian Gospel. Artists that have learned from Tom have had hundreds of number one songs, sold millions of records, and played to countless millions live. And his techniques will help anyone who performs on stage!

So don’t go on stage blind hoping for the best. Learn the secrets behind putting on an amazing show that will blow people away!


Singer’s Advanced Package »

Create Moments.. Own The Stage – Essential Artist Package


Singer’s Advanced Package

by Tom Jackson (3-Disk DVD Set)

Format: Physical
What You Get: 3 DVDs
Price: $179.00 (Normally $209.85)
Suitable For: All Levels
Money Back Guarantee: N/A


It started with a voice, a song, and a dream. Now you’ve been developing your voice, there’s more songs, and you’ve got bigger dreams. In fact, some of you are already doing gigs and singing onstage. But you know it’s not enough.

You’ve tasted that magic between you and the audience. So you know there’s more – but you’re not sure how to get there every time you sing. It’s time to learn.

If you’re honest with yourself, you are pretty much “winging it” onstage. Something you do one night works, so you do it again the next time…the typical method used by most singers.

The problem with that method is that it takes years to learn, especially if you’re not onstage very often.

The Singer’s Advantage Package can help you – the concepts on these DVDs are the same ones we use with artists who perform live before thousands and sell millions of records.

Learn the principles on these DVDs, so next time you walk out onstage, you go from being just another singer to a rising star!

All Roads Lead To The Stage »

Your Live Shows Will Never Be The Same Again!


All Roads Lead To The Stage 

by Tom Jackson (7-Disk DVD Set)

Format: Physical
What You Get: 7 DVDs
Price: $379.95 (Normally $489.65)
Suitable For: All Levels
Money Back Guarantee: N/A



Artists and bands that have “made it” know that All Roads Lead To The Stage. Whether you’ve done a thousand live gigs or you’re just starting out, this workshop will change everything!

With nearly 12 hours of teaching in 17 sessions that cover everything from authority onstage, to developing a vision for your show, to how you can make a living in the music biz, these DVDs are one of the best investments you can make as an artist.

Live Music Producer Tom Jackson is a master of creating musical stage moments. Learn the importance of understanding your audiences, see how you can create a fan for life, watch as Tom works hands-on with artists like yourself, and much, much more.

Band Workshop »

Tom Jackson’s  Workshop For The Performing Band


Band Workshop

by Tom Jackson (DVD)

Format: Physical
What You Get: DVD (84 min)
Price: $69.95
Suitable For: All Levels
Money Back Guarantee: N/A



Do you want to be a great band or not?

What does it take to be a great frontman? It goes way beyond singing well and introducing a few songs.

What practical skills should a frontman possess, verbally, visually, and musically? What’s the expectation of every audience of that frontman? What intangibles should they possess to lead an audience?

And how about the rest of the band? What are their roles? What does the audience expect of them? What does each member of the band need to know to develop to their fullest potential onstage?

A lot of bands have talented musicians and good songs, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they have a great show. How do you make it a great show?


Get the answers to these questions and more in the Band Workshop DVD, recorded live at a Tom Jackson Productions event in Nashville.

BONUS: Watch Tom transform a hit song with a typical intro into a hit song with a compelling intro!

Expressive Worship »

Workshop with Tom Jackson – Worship Music Makeover

Expressive Worship

by Tom Jackson (2-DVD set)

Format: Physical
What You Get: 2 DVDs
Price: $99.95
Suitable For: All Levels
Money Back Guarantee: N/A



Tom’s teaching and hands-on work with praise bands can transform the way your own worship team functions.

Learn how to create the freedom for your congregation to express their worship much more freely and passionately than ever before! And watch as Tom works hands-on in a Worship Music Makeover and rearranges two popular worship songs (“The Time Has Come” and “Came To My Rescue”) you can use, too.

“Your classes and your teaching are right in line with our desire to help worship teams become excellent in leading people in the worship of our beautiful King.” Darlene Zschech, Hillsong Music