Pro Singer’s Warm Up »

With Pro Singer’s Warm Up, you will have the keys to warming up your voice for THAT SPECIAL PERFORMANCE. Or simply use it to warm up your voice for any occasion.

The Pro Singer’s Warm up is a perfect companion to the Singing Success Program by Brett Manning

Every singer needs a good warm up even BEFORE practicing daily. This program eases your voice into it’s best singing every day so you can count on rock-solid high notes from a consistent and predictable voice.


  1. 14 tracks ready to burn to CD, put in your iPOD, or play from your computer
  2. A warm-up designed specifically for the morning hours
  3. A special workout that gets YOUR VOICE in shape for LIVE singing
  4. Demonstrations of EVERY exercise

Singers know that a long night of vocals requires an effective warm up. The greatest singers in the world have been known to spend almost an entire day just warming up for a show.



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