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Brett Manning has become a master teacher and one of the world’s most sought after vocal coaches, largely because of his uncanny ability to “see with his ears,” and instantly invent exercises that get astounding results.

Over the course of his career Manning has trained many well-known music artists including Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Keith Urban, and Hayley Williams. He has also coached several Grammy and CMA Award winners, as well as recent Broadway casts of “Les Miserables”, “Jekyll and Hyde,” and Elton John‘s “Aida.”

He is the author of the top selling “Singing Success” a “learn at home” vocal training program. Manning currently runs a vocal studio on Music Row in Nashville TN “Brett Manning Studios” where he teaches along with his associate teachers Jesse Nemitz, Shelby Rollins and Chris Keller. Brett also teaches his vocal techniques through seminars and workshops around the world.

Singing Success »

Brett Manning created a fool-proof system that literally “erases” the range limits for 99% of singers! He discovered and invented a series of simple, easy exercises that “trick” the voice into working as it was designed to – effortlessly, “shifting gears” as it moves over a wide range of notes.

Designed to be the “ultimate” vocal system, Singing Success is the flagship singing program for Brett Manning. It takes singers of any skill level through a complete vocal training course, thereby replacing the need for countless lessons.

After years of frustration, Brett Manning claims to have discovered the secret treasure map to the human voice which he shares in his Singing Success program.

  1. Struggle with a limited range? Having to flip into “falsetto” all the time, when you reach “the end?”
  2. Drift out of tune? Especially when singing in the upper registers?
  3. Felt the strain (and pain) of singing higher notes? Given up? Or…
  4. Been pushing TOO hard? And now you have injured your vocal cords, or you are in the process of self-injury?
  5. Dissatisfied with your tone? As a result of all of these factors or your voice is simply worn out?

Whatever your limitations are…  Your life is about to change!

Need Proof? Check Out These Testimonials: Singing Success Customer Reviews



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Mastering Mix – Advanced Systematic Vocal Training Program »

The Mix is the most elusive part of the voice. It creates a smooth transition between the chest voice (bottom) and the head voice (top) which enables singers to reach their full potential. Ninety percent of singers experience some kind of break-flip or disconnect between these two qualities.

Without the mix, the extremes of pulled up “chest voice only” will kill a singer. The extremes of “head voice only” will bore an audience. Mastering Mix exclusively tackles the conundrum of building the middle, blended or “mixed” areas of the voice. With the mix, you have the power of chest voice and the freedom of head voice – The same commercial tones used by greats like Keith Urban, Hayley Williams of Paramore, Take 6, and many more are unveiled.

What is the difference between Mastering Mix and the flagship Singing Success Program?

Singing Success works on virtually every area of the voice including range extension, super crazy low-range, super crazy high-range, getting into your whistle and singing with ease. Mastering Mix focuses on the MIX only. It seeks to develop a system of understanding and mastering the most complex area of training the voice. It eliminates the frustration, normalizes the mix, removes the breaks, & removes all misunderstanding regarding the mix. Mastering Mix deepens the understanding of the colors, textures, and other facets of the mix and combines these aspects to create the most commercial sound. Most singers don’t know what their mix is. Mastering Mix seeks to answer the questions, remove the mystery and provide you the element of vocal mastery.


Top 7 Vocal Bundle »

This bundle contains Brett Manning’s Top 7 Vocal Exercises, Dave Brook’s Top 7 Commercial Singing Secrets and Jesse Nemitz’s Secrets of the Super-High Mix Voice.

This bundle works perfectly as a compainion to the Singing Success program. Here’s what you get…


Brett Manning’s Top 7 Vocal Exercises:


Imagine if you could pinpoint which exercises are the best and most effective for YOUR voice. While all of the exercises are useful by themselves, this exclusive video will show you how to truly understand which ones are the best for you!

This video will help you discover the secrets and tricks of APPLYING Singing Success techniques to your voice and finding out if you are doing them correctly.

Brett kicks off this Singing Success Online video series by articulating the importance of making the voice pliable. Did you know there are secret exercises that help you get your voice READY.. BEFORE YOU WARM UP? That’s right, Brett teaches 3 simple and easy exercises that make the voice flexible and ready to warm up. Learn how to easily get rid of pressure and rigidness, quickly and effortlessly, before you apply any warm up scales or exercises.


Dave Brooks’ Top 7 Commercial Singing Secrets:


After working with the Singing Success program, you will want to enhance your ability to sing songs with style. This product is designed to take you further down the road of stylistic mastery than you ever thought possible!

When you needed to build your entire voice, you got Singing Success, but what if you wanted to really hone in on your ability to “deliver” a song with great style at the same level as other professional artists?

You’ve heard the singers on the radio and in your favorite bands. You know there is something different about their voices. There’s qualities you hear that are instantly likable or memorable. They almost sound… untrained!

You realize it’s more than just hitting the high notes but you don’t know exactly what to listen for. Can great style even be taught? Don’t some singers just have a good voice and others will never be good enough for radio?


Jesse Nemitz’s Top 7 Secrets of the Super-High Mix Voice:


After working with the Singing Success program, you may want to hone in on your upper range in a concentrated way. This product allows you to focus on your upper range, adding power and confidence!

When you needed to build your entire voice, you got Singing Success. But what if you want to take some time to simply “get your extreme upper range under control?” That’s what you get with Jesse’s Top 7 Secrets of the Super-High Mix Voice.

Jesse introduces some of the most unique-to-upper-range exercises you’ll see anywhere on the internet. These secret exercises will build the highest parts of your voice by focusing exclusively on upper range extension and getting those high notes to work in the difficult songs you want to sing NOW. Most singers continue to ask for help with their high notes even after years of training. With this new program from the makers of Singing Success they can get the help they need RIGHT NOW.



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