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When David Lucas Burge  was a teenager he discovered that he shared a rare talent with Bach, Mozart and  Beethoven. He discovered that he had “Absolute Pitch,” or as it is also commonly  known “Perfect Pitch”.

This meant that he could hear any note or chord that was being  played on any instrument and instantly know precisely what it was! This is an  incredible valuable asset for any musician or singer. But even more important  than this talent was his discovery that he could teach others to also  experience and master Perfect Pitch!

David Lucas Burge first released his Perfect Pitch method back in 1981. He later toured colleges and universities in the mid-80’s  with his Perfect Pitch Seminar, where students and teachers alike became amazed  to actually experience Perfect Pitch for themselves.

Burge’s entire original Seminar plus his complete  Perfect Pitch Lessons are now contained in his Perfect Pitch Ear Training SuperCourse which has become the #1 best-selling  ear training method for 30 years now.


Perfect Pitch Ear Training Super Course »

Many people believe that Perfect Pitch can’t be taught, you’re either born with it or your not. The truth is that Perfect Pitch can be mastered by anyone! Yes even you! 🙂  

Imagine what it would be like to be able to:

  1. Hear a note or a chord and instantly know exactly what it was – by ear!
  2. Sing perfectly pitched notes from memory!
  3. Identify the key of any song just by listening?

Imagine what those abilities would do for your singing, your songwriting, your improvisations and performances. Your creativity, effectiveness and value as a singer, songwriter, performer and musician would go through the roof! The benefits of achieving perfect pitch are truly priceless!


The #1 Best-Selling Ear Training Method for 30 Years!


Perfect Pitch Ear Training SuperCourse by David Lucas BurgeThe Perfect Pitch Ear Training Super Course has successfully been teaching people how to master Perfect Pitch for 30 years, so they have no doubt in their mind whatsoever that they can also teach you to experience Perfect Pitch. In fact, they guarantee it!

The 24 Master Class Lessons presented by David Lucas Burge on the 8 audio CDs will guide you step-by-step toward achieving Perfect Pitch. Also Included is an 80-page handbook that will well and truly get you there. You’ll be amazed at how quickly your ability will advance.

As you work your way through the Perfect Pitch Ear Training Super Course you will notice immediate and dramatic advancements in:

  1. Your singing
  2. Your listening skills
  3. Your playing by ear and improvisation skills
  4. Your enjoyment of music

And, if you don’t, they’ll give you a full refund – no questions asked. And, you’ll still get to keep all the free cool bonuses!

Bottom line, if you’re truly serious about achieving your very best, there is no question that improving your ability to hear and master pitch will contribute a great deal toward your ultimate success. The Perfect Pitch Ear Training Super Course is highly recommended!



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