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With a lifetime of performance experience and  over two decades of training singers, James R. Wigginton has become a trusted  and celebrated name throughout the singing world. Hundreds of artists/vocalists  all over the world currently call Jamie their vocal coach.

His teaching style of combining science-based methods  that “just work” with an in-depth knowledge of the music industry has resulted  in his own methodology which he calls “VocalEdge”. Over the past few years,  Jamie has completed over 25 international tours, in 11 countries–appearing in  concert and presenting Master Classes.


The Karaoke Singer’s Guide To Greatness »

James R. Wigginton’s “The Karaoke Singer’s Guide To Greatness” effectively departs from all other “do-it-yourself” vocal programs by combining stage performance and vocal technique in one package.

While the information that it contains is powerful, serious stuff, it is presented in Jamie’s trademark “Everyman” fashion: fun and accessible. The resulting product is a high-energy complete immersion experience that will have its users looking and sounding better than they ever thought possible.

Jamie had to come up with a progressive system that would work for everyone, especially for recreational and beginner singers. And so, he spent months selecting, creating and arranging these exercises. By simply doing the lessons as directed, the user’s range and agility will explode.

The secret: Balancing airflow with cord function and a stabilized larynx.

The exercises work the magic simply my doing them. In addition to vocal technique, the stage performance instruction is presented through a booklet and a DVD.

Reading about it is great, but seeing it is even better!

Whether beginner or pro, James R. Wigginton’s “The Karaoke Singer’s Guide to Greatness” will have you moving, grooving and laughing your way to becoming a better performer.



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Pro Singer’s Warm Up »

With Pro Singer’s Warm Up, you will have the keys to warming up your voice for THAT SPECIAL PERFORMANCE. Or simply use it to warm up your voice for any occasion.

The Pro Singer’s Warm up is a perfect companion to the Singing Success Program by Brett Manning

Every singer needs a good warm up even BEFORE practicing daily. This program eases your voice into it’s best singing every day so you can count on rock-solid high notes from a consistent and predictable voice.


  1. 14 tracks ready to burn to CD, put in your iPOD, or play from your computer
  2. A warm-up designed specifically for the morning hours
  3. A special workout that gets YOUR VOICE in shape for LIVE singing
  4. Demonstrations of EVERY exercise

Singers know that a long night of vocals requires an effective warm up. The greatest singers in the world have been known to spend almost an entire day just warming up for a show.



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