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The following product was co-created by Jan van Doorn together with Pat Wilson, Jean Callaghan, William Thorpe & Jonathon Crane.


Sing And See »

First of all, let’s start by saying that Sing And See will not teach you how to sing. This is not a learn-to-sing program. But, it can help to dramatically improve your singing voice! Intrigued?

Sing And See is a singing training software that teachers and singers around the world are now using to improve the results they are getting during their vocal training sessions.

The Sing And See software enables the singing student and the teacher to see an accurate visual representation of their voice – pitch, loudness and timbre. It gives you real-time visual feedback, so you can instantly see what you’ve just sung by looking at your computer display. This gives you precise information on how your voice is working.

You can see some video examples of how this works here: Sing And See Singing Training Software

You will be amazed at how much quicker your improvement will be when you can actually see what you are doing with your voice!


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