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Jesse Nemitz is the co-author of one of the web’s best-selling vocal workout products – Top 7 Vocal Bundle. Here Jesse contributes his Top 7 Secrets of the Super-High Mix Voice.

Jesse is also fully certified as a Brett Manning Certified Associate vocal coach. He had many vocal troubles to begin with so he is able to identify with singers on EVERY step of the journey to vocal mastery.

It’s not  unusual for Jesse’s students to achieve a powerful mix as high as they desire in the FIRST lesson and continue to strengthen after that.


Top 7 Vocal Bundle »

This bundle contains Brett Manning’s Top 7 Vocal Exercises, Dave Brook’s Top 7 Commercial Singing Secrets and Jesse Nemitz’s Secrets of the Super-High Mix Voice.

This bundle works perfectly as a compainion to the Singing Success program. Here’s what you get…


Brett Manning’s Top 7 Vocal Exercises:


Imagine if you could pinpoint which exercises are the best and most effective for YOUR voice. While all of the exercises are useful by themselves, this exclusive video will show you how to truly understand which ones are the best for you!

This video will help you discover the secrets and tricks of APPLYING Singing Success techniques to your voice and finding out if you are doing them correctly.

Brett kicks off this Singing Success Online video series by articulating the importance of making the voice pliable. Did you know there are secret exercises that help you get your voice READY.. BEFORE YOU WARM UP? That’s right, Brett teaches 3 simple and easy exercises that make the voice flexible and ready to warm up. Learn how to easily get rid of pressure and rigidness, quickly and effortlessly, before you apply any warm up scales or exercises.


Dave Brooks’ Top 7 Commercial Singing Secrets:


After working with the Singing Success program, you will want to enhance your ability to sing songs with style. This product is designed to take you further down the road of stylistic mastery than you ever thought possible!

When you needed to build your entire voice, you got Singing Success, but what if you wanted to really hone in on your ability to “deliver” a song with great style at the same level as other professional artists?

You’ve heard the singers on the radio and in your favorite bands. You know there is something different about their voices. There’s qualities you hear that are instantly likable or memorable. They almost sound… untrained!

You realize it’s more than just hitting the high notes but you don’t know exactly what to listen for. Can great style even be taught? Don’t some singers just have a good voice and others will never be good enough for radio?


Jesse Nemitz’s Top 7 Secrets of the Super-High Mix Voice:


After working with the Singing Success program, you may want to hone in on your upper range in a concentrated way. This product allows you to focus on your upper range, adding power and confidence!

When you needed to build your entire voice, you got Singing Success. But what if you want to take some time to simply “get your extreme upper range under control?” That’s what you get with Jesse’s Top 7 Secrets of the Super-High Mix Voice.

Jesse introduces some of the most unique-to-upper-range exercises you’ll see anywhere on the internet. These secret exercises will build the highest parts of your voice by focusing exclusively on upper range extension and getting those high notes to work in the difficult songs you want to sing NOW. Most singers continue to ask for help with their high notes even after years of training. With this new program from the makers of Singing Success they can get the help they need RIGHT NOW.



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