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Dr Timothy Jameson specializes in the care of musicians worldwide, traveling  to venues for musician’s care, as well as offering wellness-oriented and  life-changing chiropractic care at his Castro Valley,  CA office.  He is the author of several books including Reach For The Top! The Musician’s Guide to Health,  Wealth, and Success which is available right here!

Dr Jameson is also the founder of the Chiropractic  Performing Arts Network – a group of chiropractors who have an interest in performing  arts and a desire to help artists achieve optimum health and success in their  craft.





Reach For The Top – The Musician’s Guide To Health, Wealth & Success »

Timothy Jameson (actually “Doctor” Timothy Jameson) unwraps the essentials of personal success for musicians; whether you be playing in a garage band, or performing in front of tens of thousands of people.

Reach For The Top is for those musicians and performers who are serious about their craft and their growth.


  1. Are you considering a career as a musical artist?
  2. Are you a musician or a vocalist reaching a plateau in your career?
  3. Do you have a nagging injury that is holding you back from excelling in your musicianship?
  4. Are you looking for the secret clues that the highly successful musicians already know?

Dr. Timothy Jameson provides his solutions to these and other common obstacles that commonly prevent musicians and performing artists from reaching the top!


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