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Yvonne DeBandi is the creator of the Singing Is Easy vocal training program.

Yvonne is a graduate of the renowned Florida State School of Music and has been educating singers and musicians for more than 15 years. As co-founder of The A2Z Educational Network, her primary focus has been on providing vocal education to the masses through the development of unique and innovative vocal education tools.

Yvonne DeBandi teaches her singing students to Sing Smart, Not Hard!

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Taken back by the high price tags of some singing courses? Do you just want to learn the basics of singing and a few singing tips and tricks without spending a fortune?

Enter Singing Is Easy, a series of vocal lessons by Yvonne DeBandi, a Florida State University School of Music graduate and professional singing coach.

What is it?

Singing Is Easy! Basic Foundation Series is the official curriculum manual for the Sing Smart, Not Hard™ Vocal Training Method. Using the easy-to-follow organized system, you (or your students) learn everything needed to analyze the sound of the voice; how it works, how to analyze the sound and more importantly…HOW TO MAKE IMMEDIATE alterations for improvement…one easy step at a time.

The Singing Is Easy course is highly acclaimed by many different levels of singers and entertainers:

  1. Professional Singers – who have learned more about their voice through this course than from years of voice lessons.
  2. Voice Teachers – who use this training system and method in their singing classes (private and group), witnessing rapid improvement and understanding from their voice students (author included).
  3. Beginning Singers – who have learned how to avoid long-term bad habits picked up listening to the radio, and started on developing their own voice in as little as a few sittings!
  4. Voice-Over Artists – who have learned that changing their voice and vocal tone to fit a specific part is easy, if you understand resonance and tone placement.
  5. Karaoke Singers – who have gained confidence in their abilities and learned to enjoy their karaoke performances on a whole different level; for the first time experiencing what it is like for everyone to truly stop and listen, “bursting” into applause when they are done; finally learning that they are master of the song and not the other way around.
  6. Choir Directors & School Music Teachers – who found that using Singing Is Easy, Basic Foundation Series as a lesson plan builder every year made it possible to build upon concepts learned the previous years. Make your job easier by using our easy to follow organized plan.
  7. Rock & Punk Band Singers – who learned how to sing with the same powerful sounding tone they wanted, but not blow their voices out every night.
  8. Broadway Performers & Music Theater Singers – who learned how to easily project their voices off the “back wall” by making simple adjustments to their tone placement choices.

Does this course live up to all it’s claims? At this price it’s certainly worth checking out!


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