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Raise Your Voice (2nd Edition) is a 400-page vocal training manual for rock singing, covering many aspects of using your voice and singing including health, anatomy, training and performance.

Raise Your Voice is included in The Ultimate Vocal Workout Program and is based on Jaime Vendera’s “Isolation Method” for increasing stamina, power and range, and his “Vocal Stress Release Program”, designed to enable an artist to sing night after night on the road. The book also comes with 9+ hours of instructional audio & video accessible via Jaime’s exclusive member’s site for Raise Your Voice users.


Some of the things that Jaime covers in the book are:

  1. The secret to “Power Breathing”
  2. How and where to place your voice for easy and effortless range
  3. How to develop a signature vocal style to avoid sounding like everyone else
  4. The best vocal diet and exercise program
  5. Mixed, falsetto and full voice development
  6. How to hit high notes that you thought you couldn’t reach
  7. Increase your ability to instantly sustain your notes longer
  8. How to make sure you eliminate the embarrassing “Tone Deaf Syndrome”
  9. Tips for progressing even further when you’ve hit a vocal plateau
  10. His secret technique to master any singing style or any song
  11. Plus much more..

 Here’s what others are saying about this book:

“I picked up your book and started reading it on the way to Hawaii and I could NOT put it down. What a wonderful book!”
Steve Augeri – Journey, Tyketto, Tall Stories

“Out of the 50+ vocal instruction books I’ve purchased, Raise Your Voice replaces them all!”
Dallan Beck – Recording Engineer

“Raise Your Voice is THE book for singers! I recommend this book and his private instruction to ALL singers!”
Myles Kennedy – Alter Bridge



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