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Singer’s Advanced Package

by Tom Jackson (3-Disk DVD Set)

Format: Physical
What You Get: 3 DVDs
Price: $179.00 (Normally $209.85)
Suitable For: All Levels
Money Back Guarantee: N/A


It started with a voice, a song, and a dream. Now you’ve been developing your voice, there’s more songs, and you’ve got bigger dreams. In fact, some of you are already doing gigs and singing onstage. But you know it’s not enough.

You’ve tasted that magic between you and the audience. So you know there’s more – but you’re not sure how to get there every time you sing. It’s time to learn.

If you’re honest with yourself, you are pretty much “winging it” onstage. Something you do one night works, so you do it again the next time…the typical method used by most singers.

The problem with that method is that it takes years to learn, especially if you’re not onstage very often.

The Singer’s Advantage Package can help you – the concepts on these DVDs are the same ones we use with artists who perform live before thousands and sell millions of records.

Learn the principles on these DVDs, so next time you walk out onstage, you go from being just another singer to a rising star!