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Taken aback from the high price tags of some singing courses? Do you just want to learn the basics of singing and a few singing tips and tricks without spending a fortune? Enter Singing Is Easy, a series of vocal lessons by Yvonne DeBandi, a Florida State University School of Music graduate and professional singing coach. The budget-friendly vocal training program is one of the cheapest singing courses we’ve reviewed on this site that’s worth taking a look at.

When you get right down to nitty-gritty details, Singing Is Easy is basically a flash-based eBook that’s made up of interactive multimedia elements such as images, diagrams, quizzes, and embedded audio to compliment the textual lesson material.

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Singing is Easy was re-released in its second version in 2003. However, having experienced some of the course’s shortcomings leads us to believe it’s time it could benefit from a third edition.


Once purchased, you will be provided with a link to download the Singing Is Easy course. The total size of the eBook is 142MB.

The Singing Is Easy eBook was designed to be viewed using the Adobe Flash ® player. Though this makes the course compatible with both PCs and Macs, it also creates some problems. One issue is that when you try to enlarge the eBook, the text will scale properly but the images, notation, and diagrams will quickly become extremely pixilated and blurry. This is undoubtedly due to the fact that Singing Is Easy was originally made for much smaller monitors.

There are 45 audio tracks included in the course totaling over an hour and a half. The audio for the course is good quality, though it tends to mimic the eBook text. The audio files are linked to within the eBook so you can play them easily when required without a lot of digging around in various folders.

Singing is Easy covers a lot of ground but doesn’t really focus on any one topic for very long. You’ll learn how to take care of your vocal chords, learn about scales, octaves and other music theory, how to prepare yourself before singing, how to create tones, and how to build up vocal stamina. These lessons have the ability to not only improve the way you sing, but also the way you speak. Some of the lessons feature training review questions, interactive quizzes, and crossword puzzles to cement the material into your thinking. Singing is Easy also comes with a variety of ready-to-print weekly and monthly practice logs, goal worksheets, and range worksheets. Note that Singing Is Easy doesn’t come with any noteworthy bonus material.

Some people will find that Singing Is Easy has some significant usability issues. For instance, when you play an audio file from within the eBook, you have no way of pausing it without having to replay the whole file all over again. Some of the buttons in the eBook also didn’t work as intended, and scrolling through the list of glossary items was painfully slow.


Though Yvonne DeBandi keeps busy with her private vocal coaching program, she still makes herself available to help out her online students as well. Customers of her Singing Is Easy course can send her singing-related email questions for her to answer. She also has a decent-sized all-things-singing forum, where you can go to find plenty of additional singing information.

Ordering Information

You can order Singing Is Easy from Yvonne’s website, for $29.99. Acceptable payments include credit cards and PayPal. Yvonne guarantees her singing program with a money-back policy for a period of 60-days from purchase.

There is also an option to pay an extra $10.00 for a physical workbook and two audio CDs, but this is not recommended. If you want to read the workbook away from the computer there’s an option within the that allows you to print out your lessons.


If you are on a rock-bottom budget but still want good (if not basic) vocal training complete with exercises from a qualified vocal coach, Singing Is Easy may appeal to you. When it comes to online singing lessons we usually find that you get what you pay for. In the case of Singing Is Easy you may get a wee bit more.

Visit The Official Website Here: Singing Is Easy

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