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The Most Comprehensive

& Innovative Vocal Training System Today!


The Four Pillars Of Singing is the flagship vocal training system program by world renowned vocal coach Robert Lunte. Robert was personally trained by the legendary Maestro David Kyle who was the private coach to some of the world’s greatest rock and metal singers of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Included in this elite group of singers were Geoff Tate from Queensryche, Anne Wilson from Heart, Chris Cornell from Soundgarden and Layne Staley from Alice in Chains! And now, the secrets behind these amazing voices are available to all through Robert’s singing program.

The Four Pillars of Singing program offers an extensive collection of beginner to advanced training materials. This program offers more educational content than any other contemporary vocal training system currently available in the industry today. The Four Pillars of Singing breaks new ground and is changing the rules of how vocal training products are made. This is a uniquely comprehensive multi-media training experience for singers!

Includes Training Media Interface


The Four Pillars of Singing Training Media InterfaceThe Training Media Interface or “TMI” is the first user-friendly training application ever produced for any vocal training system. Students of TVS enjoy the benefit of having all the training content from “The Four Pillars of Singing” into organized menus. The TMI also features an embedded multi-media player students use to enjoy reading the eBook, viewing lectures and demonstrations and training with audio workouts. Each copy of The Four Pillars of Singing also comes with the original video & audio files to synch with other digital devices.

Not Just an eBook

This is a Multimedia System for Singers


Instead of just talking and writing about singing techniques, voice expert and author Robert Lunte shows you exactly how to practice each vocal workout by demonstrating all the original TVS vocal exercises. Each vocal exercise can be viewed from four angles in HD video or listened to at your leisure in audio. Read, see and hear in the clearest possible way how to train your voice or sing along to solo piano tracks of all 40+ original workouts. To accompany vocalists on piano full, notated sheet music is also provided. The system also offers 30 lectures that discuss some of the most cutting-edge vocal techniques and ideas on how to train singers available in the business. Lastly, The Four Pillars of Singing offers a comprehensive training routine that gives direction and guidance on how to train these techniques.

For Singers of All Levels – Beginners to Advanced


The innovative approach taken in The Four Pillars of Singing vocal training system, enables you both as a beginning student of voice or as an experienced vocalist, to achieve results quickly.

What “The Four Pillars Of Singing” Program Includes:


  • “The Four Pillars Of Singing” Book
  • eBook + All Video & Audio Files + The Training Media Interface  (Equal to 9 DVDs)
  • 80+ High Definition Videos With Original Performance Demonstrations
  • 30+ High Definition Video Lectures
  • 35+ Audio Tutorials & Demonstrations
  • 105+ “Training With Robert” Audio Guide Files
  • 30+ “Training With Simulation” Audio Guide Files
  • 35+ Solo Piano Audio Files (Vocal Workouts)

Learn to Sing Rock with The Four Pillars of Singing by Robert Lunte

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