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Vocal Release is an innovative downloadable home singing course that seeks to change the way people go about learning to sing.

Get excited because this course will teach you very quickly, how to sing high notes powerfully with little more effort than it takes you to talk HUM.

Imagine what it would be like if you could have a vocal coach that teaches like this, guiding your voice training every single day.

Now you can!

The Fastest Way to Learn to Sing… with Ease, Power, and a Huge Range!


The Vocal Release course was created to unlock the extreme range, power and beauty that every singers voice can have if trained properly.

See Yourself Mastering The Six Parts Of Voice And How They All Work Together:


  1. Vocal Fry: The part of the voice that can be used to rasp or scream without damage.
  2. Chest Register: The bottom end of your tone. Usually the voice most people speak in. Used correctly it will add weight and solidity to your overall tone.
  3. Middle Voice: This is what most singers call a mix. It has the qualities of both chest voice and head voice. So, not only does it have fullness and depth it also has ring or harmonic overtones.
  4. Head Register: Pure head voice is used to sound sweet and lilting in commercial music.
  5. Whistle Voice: Whistle voice is just what it sounds like. A voice that sounds like a whistle. It is used for stylistic purposes. It is the extreme upper range.
  6. Falsetto: This is not a register and should not be confused with head voice. It’s often used by singers that have never learned to make it through their breaks or sing high notes in full voice. It’s often used by pop stars that sing dance type music. It is easy to produce even with little vocal skill. It still allows the performer to perform complicated dancing routines while they sing.

Eric Fray has perfected techniques that eliminate all breaks and registers. Information about breaks and registers is included in the course for your own edification.


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