Who Are Your Favorite Singers… & WHY?

March 31st, 2011 | Author:

Bruno Mars perfoming live at The Super Bowl

We all have our favorites right?

You know, the singers that stop us in our tracks every time. The one’s that command our attention & connect with us on some other deeper level. The one’s that compel us to grab a “legitimate” copy of their song or album 🙂


In fact, one of your favorite singers was most probably a key player in inspiring you to pursue your own aspirations for singing!


Robert Plant

So who are they? Who are your favorite singers? Who’s right at the top of your list?

Now take a moment to consider the most important aspect of this question, and the one that usually gets completely overlooked – WHY?

Why have they become your favorites? What is it about these singers that resonates with you in particular? Can you define what it is about these singers that make them your favorites?

The answers to the “why” can provide some invaluable & profound insights into, not only what’s contributed to the success of your favorite singers, but more importantly, what you may need to tap into in order to take your singing & performances to the next level. It may take some digging, but there’s gold there to be found! Your discoveries will be well worth the energy!


Christina Aguilera perfoming live at SanremoSo, who are your favorite singers… & WHY?

We’d love you to share your prized nuggets with us!

Who’s voice turns you on?

Leave your comments below.


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